The Philippines may be an amazing destination for beautiful islands and landscapes, but when it comes to finding a good wifi connection it’s a different story. In fact, The Philippines actually wins the prize for having the worst internet in all of South East Asia. Whilst having a good connection may not be an issue if you’re spending your days chilling on the beach. When you need to book that flight/hostel/bus or if like me, you need the internet to work remotely, the connectivity, or lack of, can become a bit of a drag.

Siquijor Island, as stunning as it is, is no exception to this, where even hot spotting your phone data isn’t much use. However, I did come across a few places where the wifi was good enough to work online. Here are the top 3 with the best wifi on Siquijor Island, in particular around San Juan:

3. Monkey Business

Monkey Business may not have the best wifi on Siquijor Island but it was still pretty decent when it worked! This bar is a good place to come in the day to do some work as it’s super chilled. On an evening it gets pretty busy though with live music on most nights, so then its best to pack the laptop away and join in the fun!

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2. Baha Bar

Baha Bar had the second best wifi on Siquijor Island, with two different servers you could jump between if one wasn’t working. It also turned out to be my favourite bar on the island. The menu has a good mix of local and European food, they sell craft beer and cocktails are buy one get one free in happy hour. What more can you want! Plus they had really cosy sofa seats you could settle into whether morning, afternoon or evening.

1.Luca Loko

At the top of my list for best wifi on Siquijor Island is Luca Loko. It’s just down the road from Baha Bar and does a really good breakfast. They also have a lunch and dinner menu too so you can head there any time of day. It’s nothing fancy, just chairs and tables set out on a patio, but comfy enough to chill out in for a couple of hours.

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Have you found anywhere else with good wifi on Siquijor Island? Share it in the comments below!

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