Like most of the Philippines, the wifi situation in Moalboal is poor, to say the least. Even hotspotting your phone data doesn’t get you too far here. However, despite the overly true generalisation, I did find a few places where the wifi was good to work online. And here are the top 3 with the best wifi in Moalboal, particularly around Panagsama beach area.

3. Shaka

Shaka might not have had the best wifi in Moalboal but it was still pretty good. The menu here is all about healthy, wholesome food and drink too which draws in plenty of western tourists/expats. Think filling smoothie bowls and fresh juice blends, making it a great place to come for breakfast. It’s a little bit pricey for Philippines standards but definitely worth every peso.

2. The French Coffee Shop

The French Coffee Shop had the second best wifi in Moalboal that I found. The speed was generally faster than Shaka and with fewer interruptions with connectivity. The menu has a lot of choice with a mix of local and international dishes but is particularly good for European and American style breakfasts.

1. Smooth Cafe

As well as having the best wifi in Moalboal, Smooth Cafe was also my favourite cafe in the whole town. I was able to do work no problem here, even downloading files was okay! These guys also know how to make very good coffee, each one served with a tiny piece of brownie. Cute! The menu is selective, yet it would seem less is more as everything I tried was very tasty, especially the paninis!

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Have you found anywhere else with good wifi in Moalboal? Share it in the comments below!

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