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Alternative things to do in Berlin, Mauerpark Flea Market

6 Alternative Things To Do In Berlin

There are so many alternative places to go in Berlin. It’s gritty wonders go far beyond the confines of the average visitors well-trudged path. Forget the museums and the Brandenburg Gate. The city’s rich culture and unique vibe is most alive in the places undisturbed by the tour buses. From eccentric bars to independent art studios …

Street art in Prague, choose to be happy Pasta Oner Prague Street Art
Czech Republic Europe

A Guide to Street Art in Prague

Are you are staying in Prague for a little longer but feel like you’ve explored it all or are just looking for something a little different to do? Then it’s definitely worth heading off the beaten track to discover the city’s alternative artistic scene. If like me you love any kind of visual design, then …

Alternative things to do in Leeds

6 Best Alternative Things To Do In Leeds

Leeds is certainly a place on the rise. And although the new shopping centres, offices and flats shooting up are doing wonders for the city. It’s the alternative, creative and independent fundamentals of Leeds that makes me proud to call it my home. So, without further adieu, here is my ultimate guide to the top …

48 hours in Lisbon

How to Spend 48 Hours in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is one of my favourite places in Europe. With it’s old world charm, riverside vibe, and lively buzz of a modern city, I could easily spend weeks there. However if you’re only heading to the city for a short break or weekend away, here’s my guide on how to best spend 48 hours …

48 hours in Prague, Charles Bridge 2
Czech Republic

How to Spend 48 Hours in Prague

You may think 48 hours in Prague might not be enough, certainly there are plenty of things to do in Prague to fill many weeks! But if a weekend if all you have, from sightseeing and art galleries to bars, restaurants and cafés, here’s my guide on how to best spend 48 hours in Prague.   …

Lisbon street art, Alfama, friends on sardine

A Guide to the Best Lisbon Street Art

Lisbon has the most fantastic street art. And the best part -it’s everywhere. From the central district of Bairro Alto, to the old narrow lanes of Alfama, you only have to wander through the city’s streets to see amazing work from Portuguese and global street artists everywhere you go. The variety and amount of street …

Street art in George Town Penang, Little children on a bicycle by Ernest Zacharevic

The Best Street Art in George Town, Penang

Want to know where the best street art in George Town is? Well it’s pretty much everywhere really. Wander the streets of this protected old town and you’ll find a world of painted walls that tell stories of life in the very city they are placed within. The street art in George Town movement began back …


Amsterdam Light Festival: A Short Guide

Each December towns and cities around the world put up their own display of sparkling lights to celebrate the festive season. But in Amsterdam something even more special happens. In the last month of each year the city is also decorated with an exhibition of light art installations to make the streets shine even more brightly after dark. …