Are you are staying in Prague for a little longer but feel like you’ve explored it all or are just looking for something a little different to do? Then it’s definitely worth heading off the beaten track to discover the city’s alternative artistic scene. If like me you love any kind of visual design, then exploring all the street art in Prague is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Prague is filled from top to bottom with lots of weird and wonderful street art. Hunting it down will take you all over the city’s different areas, so you will go home feeling like an honorary Praguer. Although the majority of the street art is large scale and out in the open, it can still seem well hidden if you don’t know where to go to find it. So to get you started, here are four of my favourite places I found where you can see street art in Prague, where they are and how to get to them.

John Lennon Wall

No art lover should leave Prague without seeing the John Lennon Wall. Situated in a small side street in the New Town, the wall comprises of a mass of entwined artwork and graffiti that speaks of peace and politics. The wall began in the 1980’s following the murder of John Lennon, and quickly rose to be a symbol of freedom and peace. It also acted as a voice of the Czech youth against their country’s communist regime. Although the original graffiti has long being covered by many coats of white wash and then by other graffiti, it is still enjoyable to spend some time reading many of the messages written on the wall in more recent times which are still of a very similar nature.

Location: The John Lennon Wall is in the Prague 1 district and you’ll find it in Velkopřevorské Square (Velkopřevorské náměstí), near Kampa Island.

How to get there: Walk across Charles Bridge and onto Kampa Island. Head up Na Kampe Street, then turn onto Hroznova Street. After that cross a smaller bridge, and you should see the wall directly in front of you. The nearest metro stop to the wall is Malostranska station.

John Lennon Wall Prague

Another interesting sight to look out for near the John Lennon Wall is a bridge with hundreds of padlocks clipped onto the railings. Even if you don’t feel like adding your own lock to the collection, the bridge makes a great photo opportunity.

Love Locks Bridge Prague John Lennon Wall

Choose to be happy by Pasta Oner

Unlike the John Lennon wall, this particular piece of street art is easy  to find. As it’s very much upon you as soon as you get out the metro station. Pasta Oner is one of Prague’s most famous street artists whose work you’ll find all over the city. This being one of his larger pieces.

Location: It is located in the Prague 6 district in the Dejvice area just opposite from the Dejvicka metro station.

How to get there: Hop on the green metro line to Dejvicka. On exiting the station its on a building in front of you.

Choose to be happy Pasta Oner Prague Street Art

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Untitled by Mode 2

This is my favourite piece of street art in Prague. These simple yet intricate sketches by artist Mode 2 really bring to life an otherwise dull and grey concreted area.

Location: You’ll find these particular drawings at the entrance to Vltavska metro station in the trendy Holesovice area.

How to get there: Jump on the red metro to Vltavskla. You should see them on exiting the station.

Mode2 Prague Street Art

Pasta Oner at the DOX Museum

Another by Pasta Oner. This particular mural adds wonderful colourful illustration to the bland walls of the DOX Centre of Contemporary Art.

Location: The DOX Centre of Contemporary Art is in the Holesovice area located on Poupětova Street.

How to get there: The nearest metro stops are Nádraží Holešovice station and Vltavskla station; from either station it is just a 15-minute walk to the DOX museum.


There’s plenty more street art in Prague to discover, but this should be enough for you to start exploring the creative side to this city. Have fun!

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