Here’s my guide to some of the most unusual and cool things to do in Lisbon – from restaurants and bars to shopping and sightseeing.

1. Ponto Final

This lovely little restaurant is tucked away on the other side of the river Tagus – you’ll have to catch a ferry there. Set right on the waters edge under the 25 de Abril Bridge, its slightly hard to find. So look out for its bright yellow tables and chairs sprawled in front of the restaurant. Ponto Final serves up an honest menu of delicious seafood dishes with good wine to match. Food aside, it’s the perfect secluded spot to escape the bustle of the city whilst still enjoying a fantastic view of its skyline from across the water as you dine.

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Ponto Final

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2. Cortiço & Netos

Lisbon is famous for its beautiful Azulejos. You’ll find them tiled on buildings, walls and everything in between all over the city! But everywhere you go you’ll also see the Azulejos’ original patterns and styles altered and shaped into souvenirs for tourists. If like me you want your very own more authentic piece of Lisbon to take home with you, a trip to tile shop Cortiço & Netos is certainly one of the more unusual things to do in Lisbon. The shop’s primary goal is to help preserve the Portuguese tile industry, selling discontinued design lines from factories. This means that the Azulejos sold there are both unique and invaluable – there’s lots of choice and they are very reasonable (between €1 and €5 per tile).

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Cortico & Netos, tile shop

3. Taberna Ti Camila

Its location isn’t exactly a secret – right opposite from the Fado museum. But this little bar could be easily missed among the tumble of chairs and tables on the spindly streets of Alfama. Make sure you don’t. Not only is their Sangria the best I had in Lisbon – served with a mix of fruit and cinnamon sticks, but they make their own wine too. Enjoy a glass of it poured straight from the barrel, or even buy a bottle to take away for a fraction of the price.

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Taberna Ti Camila

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4. LX Factory

If you’re looking for cool things to do in Lisbon look no further than LX Factory. An an example of gentrification at its finest. What was once one of Lisbon’s most important factories, is now a creative hub that gives a home to the city’s artists, designers and entrepreneurs alike. Here you’ll find a mix of galleries, independent restaurant and bars and boutique shops. Yet the place stays true to its roots – with a rough and ready industrial look and feel remaining throughout. Plus lots and lots of street art of course!

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Alcântara, LX Factory

5. Miradouro da Nossa senhora do Monte

There’s plenty of miradouro’s nestled among Lisbon’s seven hills. But this one is the best. It’s a little bit more of a steep walk to the top, but it’s well worth it for the view. Here, you can see all the sights of Lisbon laid out at your feet. From the castle in the east, to the 25 Advil bridge gleaming in the south west, and the sprawl of terracotta roofs and pastel walls in between. Considered one of the best things to do in Lisbon at night, make sure to head up there in the evening to catch the most beautiful sunsets over the city.

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Miradouro da Nossa senhora do Monte

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6. Topo bar

Topo is certainly not a bar you’d stumble upon accidentally. It’s perched on top of a weary shopping centre in Bairro Alto. However, the bar itself is far from shabby. Neutrally but stylishly decorated, and with an outdoor terrace that gives you an unspoiled view of the São Jorge Castle on the opposite hill. Their drinks menu is also pretty reasonable with plenty of cocktails, local beers, wines and prosecco to choose from. The best time to head up there is mid afternoon before it gets too busy so you can grab a seat, and relax in the sun.

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Topo Bar

7. Street art tours in Alfama

Forget about having to visit a gallery to see some art – because in Lisbon, it’s everywhere. The street art scene is massive here, and continuously growing, and exploring it is definitely one of the best unusual things to do in Lisbon. You can discover amazing work by both Portuguese and global artists by simply wandering around any of Lisbon’s districts. Try Alfama in particular. But if you want some context behind what you’re seeing, ‘Lisbon Street Art Tours‘ can guide you through the city’s best pieces.

Alternative places to go in Lisbon, Lisbon street art tours, Alfama

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This is not by all means not an exhaustive list of all the cool things to do in Lisbon. But hopefully should be enough for you to start exploring some of the more unusual and quirky places to go.

If you’re interested in visiting other places in Portugal too, Nadia at Blonde The Road has some great tips in her Visiting Portugal guide.

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