There are so many alternative places to go in Berlin. It’s gritty wonders go far beyond the confines of the average visitors well-trudged path. Forget the museums and the Brandenburg Gate. The city’s rich culture and unique vibe is most alive in the places undisturbed by the tour buses. From eccentric bars to independent art studios to a public toilet turned restaurant, here are 5 alternative places to go in Berlin where its creative heart beats the loudest.

1. Burgermeister

Converted from a public toilet sat under a train line, Burgermeister may not look sophisticated. However it certainly knows what it’s doing when it comes to creating mouth-watering burgers. Being one of the top places in the city to go to get your fast food fix, Burgermeister offers a simple and honest menu of fresh no-fuss food cooked before your eyes, and quick service.

Alternative things to do in Berlin, Burgermeister

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2. Yaam Beach Bar

Despite not actually being on or even near a beach, Yaam Beach Bar keeps its own at being Berlin’s very own pocket of Afro-Caribbean sunshine. By day it is one of the most chilled spots in the city, where you can lounge around on their outdoor sandy terrace, and enjoy original Caribbean food and Jamaican beer. But at night the bar turns into a thriving club, with a regular program of DJ’s and bands that bring an alternative music scene to the city, playing Hip Hop, Dub, Afrobeat, Soul and Reggae.

3. Berlin Alternative Walking Tour

Want to see the best of Berlin’s alternative side? Then the Alternative Berlin Walking Tour is the ideal way to see the city’s underground scene. Led by a knowledge local, each tour is slightly different each time. However they generally include stop offs at famous street art, cultural icons, markets and neighbourhoods.  Tours last around three hours and are free but welcome tips at the end. This is great for those on a budget, as you just pay what you can afford.

Alternative things to do in Berlin, Yaam Beach Bar

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4. Mauerpark Flea Market

There are many flea markets to choose from in Berlin. But none really come up better on price and choice than Mauerpark Flea Market. As a happy mix of stalls selling both second hand and new products, the market is your go to place for cheap vintage finds, handcrafted gifts and even artwork. Many emerging artists selling their work here. Taking place every Sunday, it is a great way to spend an afternoon, with plenty of opportunity to stop to eat, drink and explore the area if you want to take a break from shopping.


Alternative things to do in Berlin, Mauerpark Flea Market

5. Roses Bar

Roses Bar could best be described as Berlin’s answer to Alice in Wonderland meets Aladdin’s Cave. But even that doesn’t really portray how wacky it is. The bar is a rather cosy size, made more so by the fact that every corner to crevice is stuffed with peculiar ornaments and strange artwork. They even have furry walls! However it is not just the interior design that draws in a steady crowd each night but the bars reasonable drink prices, late opening hours and some of the best electro music Berlin has to offer.

Alternative things to do in Berlin, Roses Bar

6. Zozoville Gallery

Berlin’s creative scene is booming with countless independent art shops and galleries popping up all across the city. But if you’re looking for something a bit unusual and truly original, then Zozoville Gallery is definitely worth a visit. Owned by Berlin artists Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma, the studio is both a gallery of their imaginative and otherworldly cartoon artwork and a place to buy prints of it.

Alternative things to do in Berlin, Zozoville Gallery

This is not by all means not an exhaustive list of all the alternative places to go in Berlin. But hopefully it should be enough to get you started in exploring this fantastic city. Have fun!

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