Unlike Australia’s busy eastern side, options for travelling up and down it’s remote west coast are limited. For those who don’t want to hire a car or join a tour, the Integrity bus is the perfect option. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking of travelling with them on your west coast Australia adventure.

What is the Integrity bus route?

The northbound coastal service leaves Perth every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday evening. The journey takes around 36 hours in total. Two of these services terminate in Broome taking 36 hours and the other in Port Hedland, taking 30 hours. Whilst the southbound coastal service back to Perth, departs from Broome every Thursday and Saturday evening and from Port Hedland every Tuesday at 3.35am!

They also offer inland a north and south bound service between Perth and Port Hedland that takes 24 hours in total.

Where does the Integrity bus stop?

The main stops for Integrity bus include: Perth, Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Coral Bay, Learmonth Airport, Exmouth, Karratha, Roebourne, Karijini Drive Port Hedland and Broome. There’s also stops at a bunch of roadhouses in between as well as extra towns that you can request to stop at if you need.

Find the full timetables here

Integrity bus prices and passes

Integrity coach lines offer a hop on hop off pass that can be used on any of their routes and are valid for 12 months. There are three passes to choose from that are measured in kilometres: the 1500 km pass, 3000km pass and the 6000km pass. To put this in layman’s terms, the 1500km pass will get  you from Perth to Exmouth, the 3000km Perth to Broome or a return trip from Perth to Exmouth and the 6000km a return from Perth to Broome. Each pass is priced at $265, $395 and $750 respectively. 

Alternatively, you can also buy tickets for non stop trips from A to B which vary in price depending on the distance. Just put your destinations into their website. booking engine to get a quote.

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My travel experience on the Integrity bus

I used the Integrity bus to travel from Exmouth to Perth in one long 16 hour stint! Despite dreading the journey, I was pleasantly surprised at how good of an experience it was overall. These are my top pros and cons:


I really liked how safe I felt on the Integrity bus, particularly as we were driving at night time on a remote road. They have 2 members of staff on each bus who share the driving and the front of the bus is kitted out with a serious roo bar.

They stop at most places for at least 10 minutes. So you have plenty of opportunity to get off the bus whether it’s to stretch your legs or stock up on snacks.

For longer journeys the schedule timings are quite sociable. I left Exmouth in the early afternoon, travelled through the night and arrived in Perth the next morning. However for shorter journeys the timings don’t work out so great.

The hop on hop off pass is good value for money. Especially as it’s valid for 12 months and you can use it on any service and in any direction.

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The timetable is limited with the bus only departing from each destination 3 times a week. However I can understand that this is due to customer demand, as our bus wasn’t even half full!

For night time journeys (like mine!) the bus really isn’t that comfortable for sleeping on. The seats barely recline and are quite hard. However they’re no less comfortable than a long haul flight in economy.

Standard one way tickets can seem quite pricey. However for me it was still a lot cheaper than flying . Plus I saved on a nights accommodation cost on the bus.

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Despite having a few down sides, the Integrity bus is a great option for travellers wanting to explore the west coast without a car. Or as a cost effective way to get between key long distance destinations that I would definitely recommend. You can find more about the Integrity bus on their website.

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