Fremantle is a seaside town just under 25km southwest of Perth. Today it’s best known for its thriving arts and culture scene. Yet the town also holds an abundance of heritage too, as one of WA’s first significant European settlements and home to numerous historic landmarks. And located just a 30 minute train ride from Perth’s CBD, it makes a perfect day trip from the city. Here’s the best way to spend one day in Fremantle and explore all it has to offer.

Fremantle Arts Centre

The first stop in Fremantle should be the Fremantle Arts Centre just a 15 minute walk away. This is a great place to explore Fremantle’s creative scene with an interesting program of contemporary art exhibitions on all year round as well as art and music events. 

Fremantle Prison

If you only have one day in Fremantle then the next place you should visit is it’s famous prison. Here you can learn all about the prison’s notorious history over the centuries as well as Fremantle’s past as a colonial convict settlement. Although you have to pay to go into the main part of the prison, there are a few very interesting exhibitions in the entrance buildings that are free.

Fremantle Markets (Fri, Sat Sun only)

If your one day in Fremantle so happens to be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday then next you should head on down to the Fremantle Markets. Dating back to 1897, this indoor market is renowned it’s focus on handicrafts including art, jewellery, clothes and cosmetics, but is also great for artisan foods and drinks too.

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Fremantle markets

Mews Road & Fremantle Boat Harbour

After browsing the markets, wander down to Mews Road which runs along the seafront. Home to lots of restaurants, cafes and the harbour, it’s a lovely boardwalk pedestrianised area to take a stroll round.

Kailis Fish Market Cafe

If you’re looking for traditional lunch by the seaside then look no further than Kailis Fish Market Cafe. Set right on the harbourside this restaurant has been a Fremantle institution since 1927 and serves up not just the best fish and chips in town but a whole range of fresh and BBQ seafood too.

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Kailis Fish Market Cafe, Fremantle

Little Creatures Brewery

You can’t spend one day in Fremantle without visiting the Little Creatures Brewery. Little Creatures is a popular craft ale that’s drunk all over Australia today, but it originates from and is still brewed in Fremantle today! The bar and brewery is housed in a giant warehouse style building where you can sample their range of beers or even go on a tour and learn more about the brand.

South Beach

After lunch either walk or catch the train down to South Beach in South Fremantle. South Beach is one of the town’s most beautiful beaches with a long stretch of white sand and adjacent grassy parkland looking out over the calm Indian Ocean.

South Fremantle Street Art

The town’s arts scene is well and truly alive on the streets of South Fremantle. Quite literally. This trendy suburb has a collection of amazing street murals dotted around on various buildings. After spending some time at South Beach, venture further into South Fremantle to discover them.You’ll find a lot of murals if you walk down South Terrace with my favourite being the one on the East West Design building. 

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Fremantle street art

Return to Perth

Jump on the bus at South Beach back to Fremantle’s main train station and then catch the train back to Perth.

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