Perth may be one of the most remote capitals in the world, yet modern creativity certainly hasn’t shied away from its shores. Wander its streets and you’ll find a fabulous collection of Perth street art adorned to buildings, laneways and walls alike. As the 2nd most colourful city in Australia, there are so many Perth street art murals it would be impossible to see them all. So to give you a head start I’ve rounded up 6 of the best ones that you must see when you’re in Perth. From the seaside suburb of Fremantle to the northern neighbourhood of Inglewood, open google maps, grab your camera and let’s go.

The best Perth street art in the CBD

Badlands Bar Street Art in Perth
Location: 3 Aberdeen Street, Perth

You’ll find this awesome Mural by Jackson Harvey and ArtByDestroy outside Badlands Bar on Aberdeen Street.

Wolf Lane Street Mural
Location: Wolf Lane, Perth

Connecting the busy King Street and Murray Street, take a detour down this hidden laneway in the CBD to discover a stunning piece of Perth street art – Alexis Diaz’s epic seahorse mural.

Tafe Building art
Location: TAFE buildings, Aberdeen Street

On the walls of the TAFE’s buildings, you’ll find some of the most weird and wonderful street art in Perth. Here, murals vary from surreal landscapes to fictional portraiture that tell stories of culture and migration.

The best Perth street art in the suburbs

East West Design Building Street Art Mural in Fremantle
Location: 303 South Terrace, South Fremantle

This has got to be the most amazing pieces of street art in Perth’s coastal suburb Fremantle. The work is by local artist Graeme Miles Richards and stretches the whole length of the corrugated iron warehouse wall.

Art mural in Inglewood
Location: 816 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

This seascape is definitely one of the prettiest pieces of street art in Perth. This is another creation by Graeme Miles Richards aka Art Fresco. Head up to in the carpark of Your Pets Vet in Inglewood to take a peek.

Mural in Fremantle
Location: Orient Street, Fremantle

Another one of Fremantle’s creative gems. Discover this bold monster featured mural on Orient Street, just a 2-minute walk from the East West Design building.

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