Pink lakes – the ultimate curveball from mother nature, right? Although they might look like something from a sci-fi film, pink lakes aren’t as unnatural as you may think. In fact, you can see this phenomenon all over the world, with famous lakes including Ukraine’s Lake Koyashskoe, Tanzania’s Lake Natron and several in Western Australia.

So with that in mind, when I arrived in Australia I was expecting to have to wait until I got to WA to set my eyes on a bubblegum lagoon. Yet little did I know, Melbourne has it’s very own pink lake that lies just on its outskirts! So if like me you want to experience this natural wonder first hand? This guide should tell you everything you need to know about Melbourne’s pink lake, including where it is, what to expect and how to get there.

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Why is it pink?

Most pink lakes are also saltwater lakes, in which only a few types of algae can grow and survive. One of these types is called Dunaliella salina, and with enough light and heat it produces a pink/red pigment that gives the water its hue. Interesting right! This is also why the colour can be best seen in summer months.

How do you get to Melbourne’s pink lake?

The lake lies in Westgate park in the Port Melbourne area of the city. So it’s not the easiest place to get to from the CBD and inner suburbs. And unlike most of Melbourne, you can’t get the tram here. Instead, you need to hop on the 234 or 235 bus and ride it all the way to its last stop, Garden City.

If you’re coming from St Kilda or nearby southern suburbs, the 234 is the easiest bus to catch. Whilst the 235 is the best option if you’re coming from the city centre. You can still use your Myki card for the journey, just remember as its a bus you need to tap off as well. Once you’re off the bus it’s a further 15-minute walk to the park.

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What is Melbourne’s pink lake like?

I thought I’d be underwhelmed by the colour of the lake, yet it really was a bright pink bubblegum! Although the colour of the water is certainly worth making the journey here, be warned, the rest of the scenery isn’t anything special. There’s a wooded park on one side and a towering motorway winding past on the other.

When’s the best time to visit?

In order to see the lake at its most pink, it’s best to visit during the summer months. Though you can also see it in late spring and early autumn time when the weather is still warm. We visited in April and it was still very pink! A good way to find out if the lake is currently pink is to head to the park’s TripAdvisor page and look at recent images of the lake other visitors have uploaded.

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What is there to do at Melbourne’s pink lake?

Other than to appreciate this natural wonder, there isn’t that much else to do at Melbourne’s pink lake. Westgate park itself has a few walking trails, picnic facilities and another lake to visit. Whilst in the wider Port Melbourne area, waterfront, cafes, restaurants are around a 20-minute walk away.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all you need to know about visiting Melbourne’s pink lake and plan your trip there too! Have you visited the pink lake before? Let me know your thoughts!

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