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Alternative things to do in Berlin, Mauerpark Flea Market

6 Alternative Things To Do In Berlin

There are so many alternative places to go in Berlin. It’s gritty wonders go far beyond the confines of the average visitors well-trudged path. Forget the museums and the Brandenburg Gate. The city’s rich culture and unique vibe is most alive in the places undisturbed by the tour buses. From eccentric bars to independent art studios …

Places to visit in York, York Minster, York, England

4 Alternative Hidden Places to Go in York

Although I love living in Leeds, there is a type of old-world charm about its neighbouring city York, that can’t be found in Leeds’ hip culture and industrial heritage. Steeped in rich history, York’s cobbled lanes and medieval buildings are full of independent bars and cafes. But as a city busy with tourists, many are overcrowded and …

On The Wall, Art Prints, Leeds

Best Independent Shops in Leeds

Despite the arrival of the Trinity shopping centre and the even newer Victoria Gate, there are still plenty of independent shops in Leeds that help uphold the fundamental uniqueness and strong character of the city. Here is a round up of 6 of the best ones. 1. Yellow Sunrise Hidden away in the abundance of …

Alternative things to do in Leeds

6 Best Alternative Things To Do In Leeds

Leeds is certainly a place on the rise. And although the new shopping centres, offices and flats shooting up are doing wonders for the city. It’s the alternative, creative and independent fundamentals of Leeds that makes me proud to call it my home. So, without further adieu, here is my ultimate guide to the top …