Kalbarri National Park is certainly one of the highlights of Australia’s west coast. Made up of wind swept rocks, gorges, rivers and beaches just waiting to be explored. Like most national parks, the best way to discover Kalbarri is to get your boots dirty (or dusty) on it’s trails. And there’s plenty of walks in Kalbarri National Park to do just that. Here are the top three easy ones.

Walks in Kalbarri National Park (1)

Nature’s Window

You can’t head to Kalbarri without paying a visit to Nature’s Window. An iconic landmark of red sandstone eroded into beautiful ribbed patterns to form a framed lookout of gorge beyond and river below. You won’t have to walk far to see this wonder either. Being just a 1km round trip from the carpark, it’s one of the most popular walking trails in Kalbarri.

Eagle Gorge

If sand and sea is more your thing, then head to the fringes of Kalbarri, where the rugged beauty of Eagle Gorge awaits. This is where the orange rocky cliffs of the park meet the ocean to create a landscape like no other. Here you can enjoy the impressive views from the lookout at the clifftop carpark before following the beach trail down the gorge to the stunning cove below. The route is a 1km round trip taking around 30 – 45 minutes to walk.

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Z-Bend Lookout and River Trail

The Z-bend lookout offers another panoramic view of the gorge and Murchinson river flowing through the bed far below. At just 0.6km from the carpark it’s one of the easiest walks in Kalbarri National Park. However if you’re up for a little bit more of a challenge, you can continue past the lookout and head down the Z-bend river trail. This hike takes you to the, yep you guessed it, river at the bottom of the gorge. It’s a rather steep descent at times with lots of steps involved and uneven rocky ground. However you’ll be rewarded by some fantastic rock formations, beautiful colours and even aboriginal artwork on the stone along the way.

Top tips for doing walks in Kalbarri National Park

  • Start your hikes early in the morning and finish them before the hottest part of the day.
  • Make sure to take plenty of water so you can keep hydrated during your walk
  • Consider investing in a fly net, as there are lots of flys in Kalbarri all year around. Though they are worst during the summer months.

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