Neverland Urban Beach, Fulham, London (2)

Neverland: London’s hidden BYOB urban beach

Unsurprisingly a beach may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of London. But head to the northern banks of the Thames just outside Fulham and you’ll find the city’s latest pop-up project, Neverland, that does indeed bring the seaside to the capital

Despite being Thameside, Neverland’s surroundings aren’t exactly what you’d call pretty. The opposite and neighbouring parts of the riverbank are home to industrial yards and factory plants. Yet strangely I quite liked it. To me, the location added to Neverland’s gentrification feel – going from a patch of urban wasteland to a thriving enterprise.

Neverland Urban Beach, Fulham, London

Inside is a different story though, as Neverland itself is a lovely little bubble of shabby chic beach style, complete with pastel coloured paint, string lights, and tropical plants. There are three seating areas to choose from: sofas or wooden benches under a pretty pergola with a covered roof (British weather thinking), Day Beds, basically big comfy sun loungers, or the dainty beach huts flanked along one side of the beach. The beach itself is also dotted with a small amount of deck chairs.

Of course, Neverland is not the first urban beach to grace the capital’s cityscape. But what makes it different is its bring your own booze (BYOB) policy, with the reason behind being that “enjoying yourself should be affordable” – a rather novel concept when it comes to going out in London.

Neverland Urban Beach, Fulham, London (3)

The policy allows you to bring either a bottle of wine or fizz, a small bottle of spirits, or a number of beers or ciders. Both mixers and ice can both be bought from the bars there. Plus for a reduced price, the bartenders will also mix you your own cocktails using your BYOB spirits. And not forgetting food of course. Neverland also hosts a range of street food vendors offering a variety of cuisines, from far east dishes to Italian wood-fired pizzas to curb your prosecco-fueled munchies.

Other than food and drink the only other main cost here is a charge for entry and some of the seating. Those lovely pastel beach huts, daybeds and sofas I mentioned earlier are exclusively rented out to larger groups, with the price including your entry too. Otherwise, you can just pay the entry fee and make the most of the free benches under the pergola or the deckchairs on the beach.


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